Dec 26, 2010

Thank you for a great 2010

My facebook page (link) first started as a site for me to sell vegan baked goods to friends through facebook.

Then I made my first soft toy (a pokeball) on October 6th, for fun.

Since then I have:
*Donated $117.85 to Uproar!
*Raised $6.50 for Movember
*Attended two Suitcase Rummages
*Given $45.00 worth of plushies to the MCG
*Gotten 200+ wonderful fans

Thank you all for the encouragement.  I'm amazed that this hobby has become such a big thing.
It's been great being able to make all sorts of new things and getting feedback from people I've never met.  This has to be one of the strangest and best things to happen to me in the past few years.

Thank you all so much and have a great holiday season wherever you are :).

Dec 7, 2010

Suitcase Rummage - December 2010

My second Suitcase Rummage!

I almost killed myself lugging my suitcase around this time; adding wheels next time!  It is a very sexy suitcase though.

Unfortunately I only sold four plushies again this time.  There was a lot of interest in the tardis plushie and the rubik's cube that I made for friends.  However, none of the people who grabbed a business card have followed through with an order (yet).

I'm hoping that once I have a sewing machine I can focus on more complicated things like dinosaurs!  I'm also going to make some more big squids to have for sale and start experimenting with fabric and cross stitching some nerdy things for keyrings/wall hangings :).

So many plans and it has only been two months!  MLIA!

Nov 23, 2010

Travelling Police Box Plushie

I realised yesterday that I have a large amount of blue felt.  What should I make?...  A tardis!

Doctor Who Tardis Plushie Tutorial

The pieces needed are:
*4 large blue panels 10 x 19 cm
*23 small blue panels 3.6 x 4 cm
*9 small white panels 3.6 x 4 cm
*4 black strips 1.3 x 9 cm
*1 blue base panel 10 x 10 cm
*4 blue equilateral triangles - 10cm long sides (according to a Google calculator it should be 8.66 cm high)  --> I actually cut the tops of these when they got to 6cm wide and also made a 6x6 panel to go on top, otherwise the police box looks like a house!
*3 white bits for light - I guesstimated ~ 2 cm tall, 1.5 cm wide, triangle-ish shaped.

You also need blue thread, white thread, black thread and brown thread.

1.  Sew 6 small blue panels on to 3 of the large blue panels and 5 on to the last large blue panel.

2.  Using doubled up black thread, sew lines on to 8 of the small white panels and a few lines on to one of them (I used single black thread to make it look like bold writing on top and normal writing underneath on the 'notice').  These will be the windows and the notice (refer to photos).

3.  Sew these white panels on (windows are the top two, notice fills the last blank spot -this will be the door).

4.  Sew the black strips on along the tops.

5.  Using doubled up brown thread, sew the door handles on (refer to photos).

6.  Sew the large blue panels together.

7.  Sew the three white bits together to make the light on top, flip right side out.

8.  Sew the blue triangles together, making sure to leave a small gap at the top to sew the white light in.  Remember to think before you sew and make sure that it will all end up right side out!

9.  Sew the top on to your tardis.  Have the 'body' inside out and the 'lid' inverted into it to sew it on.  Again, think about how it will end up when you turn it right side out!

10.  Sew the base on, leaving a small gap to turn right side out and stuff.

11.  Turn right side out, stuff and voila!  A tardis plushie!

Nov 21, 2010

Creation of the Kommoner Blog

I've decided to create this seperate blog for my crafting side :).  On here I shall be posting updates about things I've made, how I've made them, links to tutorials and all sorts of fun things like that :).
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