Jul 14, 2011

Chocolate Icecream

This icecream is simple and easy to make, but be warned, it is VERY chocolate-y!  Definitely feel free to tweak the recipe!

*1 pack (300 grams) of silken tofu  $3.20
*1/2 cup of raw sugar                       $0.11
*3 tbsp of cocoa                                $0.42
*1 tsp of vanilla

1.  Mix all the ingredients together and blend, blend, blend!
2. Put it in a container, stick it in the freezer and nom when ever you want (just wait a few hours for it to set - I left it overnight).

Total: $3.73.

It was a bit too powerful for me straight up, so I think next time I will use it to make a milkshake!  Using soymilk of course ;).


  1. Ok, so I'm a chocoholic at-present-non-vegan, but trying to change my ways, so...I think I might actually give this a go! (MIGHT have to ease into it using actual cow's milk first, though; have tried soymilk once, and NOT a fan! Although I DO have some rice milk in the fridge...hmm, I wonder?!)

  2. Thanks Anon! I'm glad you liked this! I wasn't a fan of soymilk either originally but was lactose intolerant. After about 3 months of having it when I was 14, I decided I love it. I now have .5-1L each day! There are great soy-based icecreams that you can try, plus gelatos have a tendency to be vegan too I think :).


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