May 23, 2011

Marky Markets

The Marky Markets are held every 3rd Sunday of the month.  This month I got to chill out with a whole bunch of awesome designers and remembered to take some photos!

First off, my little display :).  I got to share a table with the organiser of Marky Markets, which meant I didn't have to lug a table for an hour on the bus!

I got to hang out with my friend Ella at the market as well, which was good.  She makes some awesome stuff, I already have a collection of her brooches!  Check out an interview with her here.

Little Lala's Jewellery
Reclaimed Records was also there selling awesome journals:

ReClaimed Records

As was Amanda from Hungry Designs, who I have previously written about here.

Hungry Designs

May 21, 2011

My New Designer!

So it turns out that my friend Jonny has a talent for designing things that I can turn in to felty goodness!  Have you ever had a friend come out of the blue with something like that?

First off, he drew up a design for a phone slip for me to make:

Little Lala's Jewellery 'bought' it pretty much straight away in exchange for some store credit.  I LOVE her brooches!  I have a bit of a badge obsession (thanks to Sick On Sin, Pannikin and N.G for contributing)...

Then Jonny drew up some more designs for me last time he was over:

And I recently finished one (available here if it doesn't sell at the markets):

Swing by my Facebook page here and let us know what you think of this collaboration :).

May 8, 2011

Creator Profile - Little Lala's Jewellery

Finally I got to interview my new market buddy Ella from Little Lala's Jewellery!  She's a very creative and talented person, not to mention just fun to chat with.  Read on and learn a bit more about the person behind the brand!

Tell us about yourself

Hahoyhoyhoy!  My name is Ella (Ell-a, L-A, LA) and I call my little project Little Lala's Jewellery on account of I'm short, I like to say my name, and I like to make jewellery. I'm a Brisbane girl that was brought up around the Mullumbimby/Byron Bay area. I made my way to Brisbane to study two and a half years ago and between doing that I work a few days a week at an art shop in the city called Eckersley's.

I spent those last two and bit years studying Industrial Design at QUT just to learn how much I dislike mass produced items. I'm on a little bit of a mission now to hand make everything I can, and to share a few things along the way as I go. I’ve started out making rockabilly/psychobilly jewellery, because that’s the style that interests me the most. I like to draw pictures, render them on the computer or with paints, print them, cut them, cook them, coat them, and glue them together in all sorts of arrangements to make necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets and hair accessories. 

Jewellery is about as far as I've gotten for sharing handmade things, but here's a few things we make ourselves around the home:
*Dresses, tops and underwear (I'm not good at this, but am getting better with practice and online tutorials)
*Olive oil cold pressed soaps (these moisturize the skin and are good enough to wash your hair with!)
*Mineral eyeshadows (no animal products and not tested on animals)
*Beeswax lip balms (I used to use pawpaw, but since I emptied my container last I re-filled it with strawberry kiwi beeswax lip balm, yum!)
*Laundry powder (we reuse the same container filling it with a combination of grated ingredients to make VERY CHEAP laundry powder. It works fine enough, whites just need to be soaked ever month or so), *Aquaponics (this is fairly new and mostly done by my partner. In less than a year we should be eating some nice big fat fish with freshly picked salad!).
What do you create?
Hand made plasticy-resined jewellery with my own images.

How long have you been making things?

I've been making things for as long as I can remember. My dad's a painter (William Mobbs) and my mummy was trained as florist (but now works as a seamstress for Wicked Weasel, hehe) so I was always encouraged to be creative and especially to make my own things where it meant I didn't have to buy something instead. This meant that we could use our monies to go on an amazing holiday each year :)

Where do you get your inspiration?

Tattoo magazines, iron fist (love!), alternative clothing, people and every now and then I pick up something awesome from one of these real trashy hollywood magazines. My boss ALLLLLLWAYS buys them!
How can people contact you? (I'm pretty bad with updating this one!)

Or at markets (I post on my facebook page the ones I'll be at) or at Eckersley's :)
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