40% to Charity

As of June 2012, Kommoner gives 40% of all sales to Farm Animal Rescue (Australia)*.  They rescue animals that would otherwise have been killed and give them a second chance at life on some beautiful land that is located north of Brisbane.

Lilly was rescued by FAR.  Photo taken from their facebook page.
Total raised thus far: $131.55

Below is a list of charities that I have helped through Kommoner, pre-June 2012.
Total donated:  $3504.73 as of July 16 2012.

Animals Australia*
Animal Refuge Kansai 
Buy this Satellite 
Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD
Best Friends Animal Rescue
Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue
New Farm Neighbourhood
Nothing But Nets 
The Orangutan Project
Oxfam Australia 
Peninsula Animal Aid
Rainforest Rescue
Red Cross in the Philippines 
Rio's Rat Rescue (shut down) 
Sea Shepherd Australia

*These charities do not encourage the use of (or use themselves) animal products to raise funds.  They may also actively promote a vegan lifestyle.

For a more detailed look at my donations, click here.
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