Oct 15, 2011

Restaurant - Vege Rama

After lounging around drawing on my friend while he was on the phone, then seeing him off to work, it was time for lunch.

I don't normally eat out as I'm trying to live off about $70 a week for food, transport and any other miscellaneous things that might crop up, but I had failed to pack myself a lunch so could not resist the siren call of vegan curry.

Brown rice with white chickpeas curry - $7.00 – And yes, I ate it all.

Vege Rama is located in the food court of the Myer Centre at Queen Street Mall in Brisbane. They serve all vegetarian food, with vegan and gluten free options available. There are pizzas, cakes, salads, curries and snack foods.

The staff is always friendly and you can ask them if you're not sure about the food that is available. I come here often and always love it.


  1. I used to love Vege Rama. But since they moved into the Myers food court, the prices have gone up, the food's not quite the same yumminess, and the old friendly staff seem to have moved on. They used to have student discounts!

    Even then, the food is still tasty and affordable, so it's not all bad news.

  2. I LOVE Vegerama! I usually get dahl and kofta balls. So yummy! :)


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