Oct 28, 2011

November Brooch Giveaway

Sorry it's been so long since I gave something away guys!  I've been busy with university and I've not been in the best place financially.  This is actually my last ever giveaway.

However, I plan on doing a fundraising event on alternate months.  That's hundreds of dollars worth of stock being given away, postage and time for you and for good causes :).

This giveaway is for this stegosaurus brooch.  As always, I'd love it if you could share it with friends, family or even on your own page or blog.  Remember that all my stuff is handmade and handsewn by me, vegan friendly and with 10% going to charity.  It helps me pay for food and new socks so I really do appreciate it everyone!

In order to go into the draw, you  must send me an email at kommonerkraft(at)yahoo.com.au.  I will draw the winner out on the 28th of November.


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