Mar 15, 2011

Animal Refuge Kansai

I saw a tweet by oh, danger! (@ohdangershop on twitter) about postcards for sale to raise money for animals in Japan.  So of course I bought some, and you can too, by clicking here.

Image of the postcards from the sale page.

After buying four sets of these adorable postcards, I proceeded to do some more research into the organisation the money was going to.

ARK, or Animal Refuge Kansai, is a Japanese based animal refuge.  They try to find homes for unwanted and homeless animals.  At the moment, with all the disasters happening in Japan, they are experiencing an influx of homeless animals.  So I, too, have decided to help!

I will be running an auction on my Facebook page and I am opening it up to anyone who wants to contribute.  Photographers, crafters, illustrators, ANYONE.  This is going to rely a lot on people such as yourselves spreading the word.  I'm doing as much as I can but I do need your help!

The auction album can be found here.

I've currently got four of my own soft toys up for auction worth $100.  It'd be great if I can get people bidding that high and it would be great to get other people contributing, so off you go, spread the word! ;)

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