Apr 28, 2011

Peninsula Animal Aid

I recently ran an auction to raise money for Peninsula Animal Aid.  Together, with the might of the internet, we managed to raise....


Thank you  to everyone who was involved, this would not have been possible without you sharing the auction.

Peninsula Animal Aid is a non-profit organisation that is run by unpaid volunteers with a passion for helping animals.  They rescue dogs and cats in Redcliffe, north of Brisbane.  The animals are strays, from council pounds, some are surrendered or abandoned and yet others are saved from horrible living conditions.  P.A.A. aims to find them 'forever homes' where they can have a loving family and be happy and safe.  These people are doing an amazing thing and I am proud of everyone for helping me to help them.

Do you have room in your home and heart for a pet that needs love?  Check out their website here, there are heaps of different ways that you can help.

*All photos are taken from the P.A.A. website and are of animals requiring homes.  Some of them are by Wet Nose Fotos, found here.

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