Jun 26, 2012

My Vegan and Environmental(ish) House

As a renter, there's not much I can do about my actual house, but I can change my consumption habits to help the environment.  I'm going to go room by room and list what I use to help anyone out there who is interested in living a 'greener' life (and include some things that I don't use because, well, I'm not made of money unfortunately).  There are, of course, other products, but I'm just giving you a small glimpse into what I use, with some ideas. 

  • The Environmental Toothbrush*
  • Lush vegan soap for in the shower
  • Nature's Organics Shampoo*
  • EcoStore liquid handwash*
  • Choosing not to shave your legs is probably the most environmentally-friendly option.  Otherwise, there are electric razors, which would cut down on waste if you have been using disposable ones.  (This is a pretty good write up all about razors).
  • Body Crystal deoderant*
  • Diva-Cup for periods
  • Reusable fabric pads for periods
  • Eco-Dent tooth floss*
  • Reusable razor for face shaving

  • Earth Choice Dish Liquid*
  • Twist and Full Circle have great environmentally friendly sponges but I can't find any in Australia
  • Green shopping bags - one mades out of cotton will break down, the ones from shopping centres will not (in a safe way).  You can also get fair trade and organic ones!
  • Fregie sacks 
  • Plates, bowls, knives and forks from op shops where possible.
  • When looking at appliances (if you have to buy some), look for ones that are energy efficient

  • Glyde condoms*
  • Sylk lube*
  • Sheets and pillowcases from op shops
  • Clothes from op shops (for the most part) 
  • I try and grab recycled books and notepads for my study and notetaking


*Container can be recycled

I hope that these lists have been useful.  Let me know what you think! :)  If you'd like me to do more posts like this, I'd love to know too.  I'm thinking of writing about the difference between sex and gender next!

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