Mar 26, 2013

Help Save Sexual Health Services in Brisbane!

It has come to my attention that the Brisbane Sexual Health Clinic is being closed down.  I am horrified that sexual health services are being treated as something disposable.  Sexual health is important to many people (especially as many of us have sexual contact with others and know people who do).  Being healthy is important and, I believe, a human right.

What is the Brisbane Sexual Health Clinic?
The Sexual Health Clinic is located at  Roma St and provides free confidential services to anyone who needs them.  It is especially useful for sex workers, the LGBTIQ community, homeless people, poor people, and people with HIV (who may have more cause/reason to go somewhere confidential and free).  They provide services ranging from education, testing, prevention, counselling, condoms, and more

Why should you care?

They help over 13,000 people each year, 600 of which are people affected by HIV/AIDS.  Some people are warning that the closure of the clinic will cause a rise in STIs, something that affects everyone as healthcare costs and hospital bed space become a part of the equation.  I'm sure you all know people who have sex, which means that one day it's possible that they may need (or have already used) these services.  The issue of being able to transfer patients to people who are as able to help for the same price (free) has been raised.  Not many patients will enjoy giving up their anonymity either.

What can you do to help?
  1. Sign the petition
  2. Attend the rally
  3. Tell people!

Image from Act Up Queensland

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