Jan 16, 2011

Recycled Price Tags

I've been trying to slowly make my items look more presentable for markets; making multiples of the same things; making signs that are all rather uniform; decreasing clutter...  I've now decided that I need price tags.  Instead of paying for them I've decided to make them myself from cardboard boxes from around the house.

It's very simple.  Cut out one to be your template, then trace around it multiple times and cut out your tags!

I still need to buy a hole puncher to put holes in the ends but I think they're pretty rad.  All you need then is some string and you can put a price tag on just about any of your crafty creations!  Sure beats the masking tape method I was using haha.

Selling earrings?  Make them larger and paint them or glue fabric on them!  Cut them out in chess shapes, make space invaders...  The possibilities are endless.

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