Jan 19, 2011

TOMG's Flood Appeal Auction

The Oz Material Girls (TOMG's for short) are a mother and daughter duo who I first found out about here when I was surfing the net for fabrics.

They are currently running an auction here to raise money for the Premier's Flood Relief.

Kindly Donated by : So Lilly
Many crafters, photographers, designers, hairdressers and others from around Australia have donated literally HUNDREDS of different of items to the auction.

Kindly Donate by : SofiBOO
TOMG's have already raised over $16,000 just from the kindness of the people who have donated items and the people who are bidding.

Kindly Donated by : Kreated By Kel

The auction ends on Monday January 24th 8:30PM Sydney time, so get in and place a bid while you can!

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