Nov 7, 2012

Current Obsession: Plants

I have a tendency to get really into one thing at a time, or a few things at a time.  At the moment the major one seems to be plants.

I've wanted plants to be a major part of my life for a while now.  They are amazing.  They clean the air that we dirty, they get rid of the hazardous chemicals that we disperse into the air and they are constantly growing and looking great.

There are plants that just clean the air, there are others that feed the soil, birds, bees, butterflies and other insects, while yet others create food that I can eat.  Isn't that just amazing?

Moving into this house has been great because I can finally bring nature into my room and help nature and the earth out a little bit by revamping the empty (full of weeds and useless gorram plants) backyard.

My room currently has one peace lily, one fern salvaged from outside, one spider plant salvaged from outside and one snake plant (well this is on its way).  Three of these are known to be good for purifying air.

The backyard is filled with weeds and useless introduced plants.  I've pulled out a lot of them, pruned, removed what I've been told I can...  So now I have a whole bunch of native seeds in pots, slowly growing as I water them lightly every morning.  These will be caterpillar and butterfly food.

I also have a native vine coming in the mail to cover this huge dead tree trunk with (to the left in the photo).

The back patio is pretty empty, but I'm going to fill it with some native Pig Face vines spilling down one side (various coloured flowers; red, orange, pink and purple). There are pots coming in the mail, which I'm going to put on the highest ledge and tie on with wire for added security.

I've planted mondo grass around one rock and transplanted a random plant from the garden into a pot on top of it.

I also found a Crown of Thorns in a pot in the garden.  It's a little worse for wear but I'm sure it'll be fine, eventually.

Oh and there's catnip, given to me by a friend who is going overseas.  So far the cat hasn't cared about it at all though haha.

I'm also trying to grow some herbs and veggies, and I've yet to get started on the front garden and make it butterfly and bird friendly, but I'll post more about it all later, when things are more established, not just seedlings haha.

Are you passionate about plants?  Tell me about it! :)

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  1. I'm growing silverbeet, broccolini, eggplant, squash, pumpkin, blueberries, mint, thai mint, oregano, spinach, sage, thyme, bay, wheatgrass and micro herbs at the mo. I love having fresh stuff within reach. And the succulents are great for decoration inside. Hope your plants grow well! xxx


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