Feb 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Stuff About Stuff was nice enough to tag me for a Stylish Blogger Award (thank you!).  Now I have to figure out 7 facts about myself to share with you.  Luckily no one said they had to be interesting ;).

Also check out the list of 7 people I have chosen for a Stylish Blogger Award :).

1.  I'm a vegan.  This means I don't eat/wear/use any animal products.

2.  I love baking.  Chocolate cake, brownies, cupcakes, jam donuts, rainbow cake, jam drops, gingerbread cookies, rum balls...  Yummy!

3.  I have done three 1st years of different university degrees; Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science.

4.  I never thought I could sew well enough to sell anything.  Kommoner was just a Facebook experiment.

5.  I've owned a guitar, keyboard and violin but can't play any of them.

6.  My favourite comic is Transmetropolitan.  I don't own/know of very many though.

7.  I donate to/loan through Kiva, Uproar!, Buy This Satellite, Oxfam, RSPCA and The Wilderness Society sporadically.  I also try to donate items to any auctions that are around to raise money for a good cause.

Well, that's me!  Now the following 7 people have been chosen - go check them out :).

Kyla Does Stuff
Manx Minx
Sienna May
Cupcake Kitteh
Esberts Collection
Hungry Designs

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