Feb 12, 2011

University is Coming!

So there are now only about two weeks until I am back at Uni.  I'm on probation due to failing and not attending last semester.  Let's just say I wasn't in a good place mentally haha.  Science is just so boring!

Anywho, this year I will be doing a second year (finally; I've done three first years!) in a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology.  I get to do subjects like Moral Philosophy and Thinking Ethically and Culture & Lifestyles.  They all sound really interesting and I cannot wait!

How does this relate to Kommoner?  Well Kommoner will have to take a back seat as I need to try and get HDs and As again (I remember the good old days of being a straight A student lol) so sewing will not be my first priority.

Although I am addicted to it all now, so I will definitely still be doing it as a sort of stress relief haha.

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