Jan 17, 2012

Veg*n Charities

As you all know, I donate 10% of my sales to a different charity each month.  I've currently been doing research into ones that are veg friendly i.e. do not encourage the exploitation of animals (as much, hence veg* rather than just vegan).
This is because the long term environmental effects of meat eating are terrible (e.g. climate change refugees, pollution) and I don't think that the exploitation and murder of animals for food is justified.  For example, Oxfam promotes giving people animals to use and exploit.  As such, I have researched and come up with some veg* friendly charities from around the world.

Vegetarian Orphanages
    Veg*n Food Aid
    Food Banks, Soup Kitchens & Restaurants
    I have not included animal sanctuaries, animal rights advocates or rescue groups because there are so many in each country that this list would get out of control.

    Know of any more?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email at kommonerkraft(at)yahoo.com.au and I will continue to update this page.

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