Oct 8, 2011

Animals Australia

I donate 10% of my sales through Kommoner to charity and have mini bake sales at the Suitcase Rummage (although I usually end up giving the last of the vegan cupcakes away for free).  When I have the time and money, I run auctions and fundraising events too.  I believe that making a difference starts with yourself.  In a year, I have raised over $2,500 for various charities :).

Last month, I asked people which charity they preferred and the winner was Animals Australia.  So far I have raised $20.75.

This is how pigs are 'factory farmed' in Australia.

Animals Australia is most well known for their campaigns against live export, sow stalls and factory farming.  They are a relatively new organisation however they are having a big impact in helping to raise awareness about non-human animal rights issues and environmental issues.

Where do your eggs come from?

I first found out about them when I was searching for places to discuss vegetarianism, back in 2009.  I met a lot of awesome people on the Unleashed forums, who I now interact with through facebook.

I have helped out at Animals Australia stalls at Green Earth Day and Soundwave and have had a lot of fun (asides from the one guy at Soundwave who wanted to discuss the 'purpose' of non-human animals with me).

I am glad to be helping out such an awesome organisation this month!  Do you do anything like this?  Let me know!  I love hearing inspiring stories and knowing that I'm not alone.  I'm also trying to decide on which charity to donate to permanently so if you have any tips on how to make a decision, let me know haha.

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