Aug 16, 2011

How I Choose My Felt

I started this business in October of 2010, after having been interested in animal rights for about a year.  I thought that I wouldn't be able to make things out of felt because a lot of felt is made out of wool and I don't like how sheep are treated.

What is wrong with wool?

1.  Sheep have been bred to have extra skin folds to create more wool.  This means that they are more prone to skin infections.

2.  Most of the sheep are sold for meat at some point.  As someone opposed to the consumption of animals, I can't support an industry that produces animals to eat.

3.  Mulesing.  The cutting off of the tail of sheep.  A painful, if not scary, process.

So as someone who thinks that animals shouldn't have to suffer just for you to have soft toys, I have been using acrylic felt in all of my products.  For more information on the wool industry click here.  Be warned though, some of the images are quite graphic.

For a while now, I have not felt that I am fulfilling all my obligations as someone who is environmentally responsible.  I have finally found someone on Etsy who sells felt that is made out of 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles.

This means that instead of bottles just going to landfill, they will become beautiful toys or accessories for you and your family!

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