Aug 21, 2011

Update from ARK

I recently received an email update from ARK which I thought I'd share with you all.  Remember the auction that we had back in March?  Well in total we raised $587.00 for them and this is where the money has gone.


"As of 29th May, 197 dogs, 17 cats, a guinea pig, rabbit and a masked love bird have come in here.  Once at Osaka ARK, they are processed fairly quickly by our resident vet; de-wormed, vaccinated, blood tested for heart worm, microchipped and neutered.  We send details of the animals with photos back to the local authorities to try to find the owners.  Already several have found their owners and those will be boarded at ARK until they are in a place where they can take their pets back."

Isn't it great to hear that they are already starting to reunite people and pets?  I'm so glad I chose them to help in March!

Unfortunately, there is some sad news; the government wouldn't allow people in to rescue the animals in the 20km zone so there are still many animals trapped and in need of rescuing.

"After the petition campaigns from ARK and other welfare groups and a protest in Shibuya they [the government] announced that they will be allowing owners to take out their pets and that any animals found left in yards and homes to be brought out by officials.  They did pick up some of the animals but the numbers were so low it hardly makes a dent on the amount of animals needing rescue.  The government arranged a team of vets to go into the zone to rescue animals, however these are not trained or experienced rescuers and the outcome was a meager 20 animals rescued and they are not planning to attempt another rescue for months."

Want to help more?  Head to their website to sponsor a pet or purchase a pack of cards.

*All photos taken from the ARK Lifeline Network page.

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