Nov 9, 2011

Creator: Josh Rufford & Ruffbat Creative

I've always loved checking out the art by Josh and the items for sale at Ruffbat Creative.  Now I have finally been able to interview Josh.  Do yourself a favour and check out his stuff!

Tell us about yourself

Hello I am Josh Rufford. I like to make things. I enjoy using paints and pens and drawing on stuff. I also like lots of coffee and lots of beer. I made a website:

What do you create?

I make drawings, doodlings, sketches, little animations, sculptures, sandwiches, illustrations, stickers and paintings and etc. I'm also one half of the creative collaboration me and my fiance like to call 'Ruffbat Creative'. And as 'Ruffbat Creative' we make all sorts of badges, earrings, artworks, gift cards and bookends. 

Are your products vegan friendly?

I guess if vegans don't mind getting a few splinters from the recycled timber we use they - could chew on our bookends? Um, actually I think most of the arts and crafts I do would be vegan friendly, I really like to try and use recycled materials whenever I can and don't use any animal products that I know of.

How long have you been making things?  What was the first thing you made?
Ever since I could hold a pencil or crayon I've been hooked on drawing and my Mum always says she had to limit the amount of crap I would bring home from kindergarten after we'd spent the day making things from tissue boxes and toilet rolls. Here a recreation of the kind of stuff I reckon I would made:

Where do you get your inspiration?

Coffee and beer. And stupid videos on YouTube.

How can people contact you?

Find me here:
or here: RuffoArt on Facebook
or here: Ruffbat Creative on Facebook

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