Nov 1, 2011

World Vegan Day and the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge

November 1st is World Vegan Day!  A day for all vegans to celebrate their inherent awesomeness!  Not sure what a vegan is?  A vegan is someone who does not use animal products in their food or their life.  Want to try some vegan foods?  Check out my recipes!  I try and list more each month and VegWeb is also a great resource.

Did you know that...?
*beef requires 15500 litres of water per kg1
*it takes 6.5 kg of grain to make 1kg of beef1
*vegans have a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke2
*it takes 5000 litres of water to make 1 kg of cheese1
*the milk industry supports the veal industry3
*the egg industry causes the death of male chicks4
*vegetarian diets use 4x as much energy as vegan diets5
*omnivorous diets use 8x as much energy as vegan diets5  
*it is possible to raise your child vegan healthily6
Want to know more?  Check out the references and head to Animals Australia to learn more about the issues.  Today is also the first day of the Vegan Easy Challenge!

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