Nov 13, 2011

Movie Review: The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Dark Side of Chocolate is a documentary about the child labour, slave trade and horrible working conditions that are part and parcel of the cocoa harvesting that goes on in the Ivory Coast.  Ever wondered what fair trade was about?  It's about stopping this from happening.

Children as young as 10-14 are taken across the country to the Ivory Coast to work on cocoa farms.   Their families send their children off to get paid work and the traders entice them with lies about money.  Some children are taken without their parents' knowledge.  These are the children that harvest the beans from the plants that fuel the chocolate craze in first world countries.

This film was created in 2010, only last year and yes, this is still happening.  What can you do?  Support fair trade, express your concerns to the relevant chocolate companies and sign petitions.

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