Dec 23, 2011

Children's Books

I've recently been looking for children's books that teach respect for animals and have animal rights themes.  I am hoping to influence my little brother so that he learns about animals in a different light to what we are shown via meat sales in shops and cooking shows on the TV.

I'm also hoping to buy them through Better World Books as I love their ethics.  So far I've found the following that look good:
I am also looking forward to Steven the Vegan's debut.  It was finally fully funded by awesome people who wanted to see it published!  Amazing!

There is a HUGE LIST here thanks to vegbooks.  I've just listed the ones that I liked the sound of most.  Feel free to leave a comment about which book/s you like the best for your children/cousins/siblings :).

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kira,
    I'm going to steal your list and give it to the Young People's Librarian where I work (if we don't already own the books) if that's OK.
    Gill (from Merle's Pearls)


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