Dec 13, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

Here is a short list of Christmas gifts that can help the environment, people living in poverty and animals.

Edgar's Mission Calendar or Christmas Cards, vegan recipe book, hat or shirt.
Cute bat Calendar from Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD, Inc.

$25 gift voucher for Kiva to loan money to an entrepreneur.

Donate to Animals Australia or adopt a sheep symbolically.

Buy a card through the RSPCA to help animals.

Buy a card through Oxfam to help people living in poverty.

Grab a bottle of wine from Goodwill Wines to help out a charity of your choice.

Adopt a tiger through WWF.

Adopt a koala through Save the Koala.

You can also try and check out op shops for awesome gifts that will have you recycling and getting something unique and helping a charity.

If any of you don't have family members who'd appreciate the gift, I sure would ;).  Haha!  Let me know if you give anything from this list.  I bought a card through Oxfam for a friend and I'm hoping to save up enough to do a donation to Animals Australia too.

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