Dec 3, 2011

Fact Sheet: Pigs

Pigs by rajthesnapper

"[Pigs] have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly three-year-olds." 
  - Professor Donald Broom of Cambridge University Veterinary School (2)

Cool Pig Facts:
  • Pigs can live 9 - 15 years long (1)
  • Pigs enjoy music (6)
  • Pigs are as good at video games as primates (7)
  • Their courtship ritual involves a song between the male and female (6)
  • Mother pigs sing to their young to inform them that milk is flowing (2)
  • Pigs are not dirty; they enjoy being clean (4)
  • Pigs are the 4th most intelligent species of animal, after primates, dolphins and elephants (1)
  • Pigs enjoy swimming over mud (2)
Swimming Pigs 2 by Nate Derrick

Pig Meat Industry
  • Pigs are sent off at age 4-6 months to be killed for food (3)
  • Female pigs are pinned down in stalls so that they cannot move around after giving birth (6)
  • Pigs are not given the space to move around and root in soil, let alone swim (2)
  • Up to 10% of breeding pigs are killed due to illness, lameness or not falling pregnant readily enough (2)
  • A lot of pigs have their tails cut off (without anaesthetic) so that other pigs don't chew them off due to being so bored (5)
  • Pigs are castrated without anaesthetic (5)
Pig biting a bar on its pen by Compassion in World Farming


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