Dec 16, 2011

2011: The Year in Review

Thank you to all of you for your support, feedback and kind words this year.  I've had a lot of fun making things while studying and having a group of supportive people like you has really given me the inspiration I need to keep this all going.  I've had a couple of rough patches and sewing really helps me keep everything together, I really appreciate all your support.

I'm excited to declare that in 2011 we raised $2,506.24 for charities (and counting, still a couple of weeks to go)!  Here's the break down of where the money went:
Amazing!  Here's hoping we can raise even more next year!  Have a charity that you love?  Email me about it!  I'll be working with Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue for semester one at uni next year in order to organise a fundraising event.  It's a rather scary looking task but I'm hoping that it'll go smoothly.  At worst, it will be a learning experience.  I hope that you'll be able to come along and support me with this too!

Some more highlights from this year gone past:
  • I started posting a lot of vegan recipes
  • I passed 8,000 blog views
  • I passed 1,100 awesome fans on facebook
  • I had 6 giveaways
  • I held 3 auctions and 1 raffle
  • Interviewed 9 artists/crafters
I'm looking forward to bringing you even more awesome things in the future!  This blog really inspires me to share and connect with people and is helping me reconnect with my love of writing and cooking.  I'll be doing regular raffles; one each two months, to raise money for different charities.  As always, I look forward to you being a part of these and sharing them around.

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