Oct 2, 2011

Suitcase Rummage - October

Today was windy!  Apparently the winds hit over 20km/hr at one point...  It was making it very difficult to keep my plushies arranged nicely and I couldn't have my pretty bunting out on display which was a bummer.  The trees were bending crazily too which was a bit scary!

I had chocolate cupcakes out for 'sale' (people could make a donation to Animals Australia in return for a yummy cupcake).  Unfortunately I only got $9.75 for them.  Sometimes I wonder if the word 'vegan' scares people away.  Or maybe I should try carrot cupcakes?

I got to hang out with Ella from Little Lala's Jewellery all day which was awesome, but we both ended up heading home early due to the weather being so cold and terrible.

I also got to talk to Natalie from By Natalie Jane who makes these awesome Scavenger Bags from upcycled materials such as bike tubing and canvas.  Hopefully I'll be able to interview her in the future to add to my creator list.

I also bumped into someone that I had met at a previous Suitcase Rummage who was there with some friends to raise money for their TAFE exhibition, Breaking Heads, which looks awesome.

Also thanks to the lovely lady from 3things who stopped by to say hi and take a Mickie home ^_^.

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  1. I've stopped telling people the baked good is vegan unless they ask. Many people seem to turn up their noses when they know. I love making treats for co-workers and seeing them enjoying them.

    Happy MoFo looking forward to reading more.


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