Sep 19, 2011

Create a Stir(fry)!

Delicious stir fry!  Something else that is versatile, easy and cheap!  I didn't get to eat this one; my friend ate it all for dinner when he was over.  Apparently it was delicious...

*red capsicum            $0.92 (on special)
*brocolli                     $1.01
*~300g mushrooms    $3.10
*can sweet corn ends  $1.27
*hokkien noodles       $1.58 (or Chang's gluten free wok ready noodles $2.45)
*soy sauce
*sesame oil
*ginger, garlic, chili powder, salt, pepper

1.  Prepare noodles as per directions.
2.  Slice up mushrooms and capsicum, fry in some sesame oil, soy sauce and spices til the mushrooms are starting to shrivel up deliciously (or not, I'm not your boss!).
3.  Add brocolli and sweet corn to heat them up.
4.  Stir in noodles and serve!

Total (not gf): $7.88, or $2.62 per serve (makes 3 serves).

Total (gf): $8.75, or $2.92 per serve (makes 3 serves).

Other ideas: Add cashews for extra deliciousness.  If you want to add some tofu, cube it and cook it first with the mushrooms so that it gets nice and brown and soaks up the flavours.

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