Sep 9, 2011

The Heart of the Problem

Today, after my heart had its third ever elevated pulse (at age 21!), I decided to see the doctor.

After only 20 minutes of waiting (enough time to chillax) I had my pulse checked.  108bpm.  Apparently the average is 70bpm.  I was told that it's a fairly common thing that happens to a lot of young people as a one off thing, but to go to hospital if it persisted/got worse. 

I even got to have an electrocardiogram today which was cool; you take your shirt off and they stick stickers everywhere (lifting up the courtesy towel on your breasts which seems pointless).  The stickers are then attached to cords and the machine records your heart beat.  It was sort of like the below picture, except two stickers were also on my legs and there was a lovely nurse involved.

So, no more caffeine for me!

Which makes my coffee cup tattoo pretty ironic and hilarious now.

I'll also be trying to reduce my sugar intake (which is an excellent excuse to trial some raw sweets) and maybe trying meditation or yoga techniques to reduce any stress that might be affecting me.

What do you do to reduce stress?  Have any ideas for raw treats that I should try making?


  1. Haha thanks lindamerja! Hopefully one day I'll be able to drink coffee again :p.


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