Sep 20, 2011

Ready, Spaghetti, Go!

*200g TVP                            $2.90
*2 cubes Massel beef stock  $0.40
*~300g mushrooms, diced    $3.10
*1 carrot, diced                     $0.34
*1 zucchini, diced                 $0.84
*1 onion, diced                     $0.31 (on special)
*1 jar spaghetti sauce            $1.50 (on special)
*~200g pasta                         $0.36 (or $1.32 for gluten free pasta)

1.  Prepare TVP as per directions.
2.  Prepare some pasta as per directions.
3.  Dice mushrooms and onions.  Add to a pot with TVP, stock and spaghetti sauce.
4.  Dice carrot and zucchini and add to pot with TVP.
5.  Wait for it all to be cooked, then eat it (after it has cooled down a bit).

Total: $9.75 ($10.71 for gluten free).  Or about $1.63 per serve (makes about 6 serves) ($1.79 per serve gf).

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