Sep 23, 2011

Some More Samosas

This has to be one of my favourite foods.  I think it's just because pastry is so delicious though haha.  Sometimes I eat them before the pastry is fully cooked too, oops >_>.

*3 medium potatoes                                 $1.02
*~500g frozen broccoli and cauliflower  $2.66
*2 tbsp mild curry powder
*~200g frozen peas and corn                   $1.18
*salt, pepper, chili, garlic powder
*1 tbsp Nuttelex or other vegan butter
*2 cubes Massell veggie stock                 $0.40
*3 sheets Pampas puff pastry                   $2.76

1.  Put water on to boil with two cubes of stock in.  Thinly slice the potato and add to pot.
2.  Add brocolli and cauliflower and peas and corn to pot.
3.  Preheat oven as per pastry instructions.  Cut pastry into 4 squares/sheet. Prepare tray with alfoil.
4.  When potato is cooked (breaks apart when stabbed with fork), take off the boil and drain.
5.  Add butter, salt, pepper, chili, curry powder and garlic powder.  Mash up furiously!
6.  Spoon mix onto the pastry and fold the corners up.  Place on tray.
7.  Cook for as long as the pastry instructions demand you must.
8.  Eat!

Makes:  About 12

Total: $8.02 or $0.67 each.

Calories:  2696 or 225 each.

Protein: 80.5g or 6.7g each.

Leftover mash?  Put it on a sandwich!

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