Sep 3, 2011

Soup-er Yummy!

Sometimes, all you have in your kitchen is an assortment of vegetables and some canned goods, leaving you with only one cheap and delicious option: soup!

While I know it's hardly 'out there' and new, soup is healthy, delicious, cheap, easy and vegan.

Ingredients (a.k.a. what I had lying around):
*two carrots
*one onion
*red lentils
*yellow split peas (soaked for about an hour beforehand)
*tin of diced tomatoes
*tin of chickpeas
*head of brocolli
*head of cauliflower
*two cubes vegetable stock

1.  Put stock cubes, lentils and diced tomatoes into about 1.5-2 cups of water on medium heat.
2.  Rinse and chop everything up and add.
3.  Stir, cool and eat.  Nom!

This will probably do me for about 6 or so meals!

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