Oct 30, 2011

Lush Cosmetics

Lush is situated at various locations around the city.  The below photos are from Lush Cosmetics in the Myer Centre in Queen Street Mall in Brisbane.

I first found Lush due to the wonderful aromas coming out of their store; I simply could not resist!  Upon entering, I discovered that a lot of their items are vegan-friendly!  To make it easy, they have a vegan symbol on the label so that you know straight away what you can or cannot buy.

Lush has also taken a stance against palm oil and have eliminated it from their range, replacing it with a coconut and rapeseed oil mix.  They even reportedly shared the ingredient combination with other companies so that they, too, can be free of palm oil.  Not only this but they are against animal testing!  Another amazing thing about Lush: they support charities where they can.  What's not to like?

The people who work at Lush are always cheery and easy to talk to; not once have I been left standing there waiting to be approached, or made to feel awkward.  If you have a chance, go check them out, they are a really awesome company that deserve the support.

What do you think of Lush?  Do you purchase products from Lush?  Why or why not? 


  1. I like the lush shampoo bars. Except dont' buy the green one - it will make your shower green. Also, I bought the cream deoadrant and had an allergic reaction (to the lychee in it - but I can eat lychee just not roll in it) -- but the store took it back and gave me my money back - so that was good customer service.

  2. I love Lush, their Happy Hippy and Snow Fairy shower gels are my favourite things.


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